About the Project

Here you will find an overview about the main ideas behind Fort Gotten, learning about our vision, the concept, themes and history of the project.

Fort Gotten is the land where all inner-children go once they have been forgotten. Clueless and completely lost, deep within mysterious locations... they survive. No kid knows anything, no kid remembers anything. They seem to have just... forgotten.

A project all about storytelling, lore, and an interactive community.

Our Vision

The main idea behind Fort Gotten is to create a transmedia storytelling universe where everyone can reconnect with their creative inner kid.

A universe that serves as the main stage for many stories to unfold, where not only we tell them, but where the community can participate, interact, roleplay, and collaborate while getting lost in the world.

WTF is a transmedia storytelling universe?

A transmedia storytelling universe means that there is no specific end goal in mind: books, comics, animated series, short stories, merch, videogames... everything is possible, and everything will have its place.

It is precisely the combination of mediums to create an amazing experience, where every medium adds depth to the project.

We envision a place in the metaverse where everyone can consume, participate but also create. A creative community thriving on the foundation that was created through these first NFT drops. To illustrate, think something like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or Pokemon, but with extended co-created universes welcoming the community to be creative.

The Means and the Goal

For us, this project is all about exploring a creative community, exploring many mediums, working and collaborating with different creatives all around the world. That’s why roleplay, activities, puzzles, and obviously art are such a big part of our Discord community: we want to enable people to have some sort of creative outlet, even if it’s for just a minute, we want people to enable themselves to get lost in the universe, to live creatively through their Fort Gotten kid.

The History of the Project

Fort Gotten, as a project, begins not as an NFT project, but as a creative outlet for Sampo. From the beginning, it was meant to be a universe all about lost creativity as the main concept around which illustrations and further art pieces could be created.

Given our backgrounds and passions around creativity, art, and storytelling, we decided to take the Fort Gotten concept and idea and bring it into the NFT space.

After that, we developed the main ideas around the universe, the kidz, the roles, different regions and lore. Once ready, we started to design and craft the website, social media channels, Discord Server, and finally created a plan that allowed us to slowly scale both the project and our commitment into it, and well... here we are.