Episode 01
The Kidz of the Forest

About 2,000 children have found themselves forgotten. Completely lost, deep within a mysterious forest, with only themselves and a couple tools.

Some camps have been formed within the forest. But no kid remembers anything... they seem to have just forgotten.



Nowhere to be remembered

Episode. 1
Remember the Kidz of the Forest

Sold Out.
Minted on Oct 22 2021

Kidz Activity Logs

Log 01. EFx2021

Is this recording? I found this weird phone... I’m lost, and alone.

Log 04. EFx2021

I think I see someone!
He looks just as lost...

Log 09. EFx2021

More kidz keep coming...It’s decided... We’re building a camp!

Log 23. EFx2021

It’s getting pretty crowded... I think we might need a new camp soon.

Log 34. EFx2021

Camp Jesterday is full! We’re setting up a new camp with the scouts...

With only questions and the unique sense of wonder that comes with children... they survive.
And surviving, they built 3 camps.

The forgotten forest...

The land is wildly unexplored, and the more the kidz seem to explore, the more questions they seem to find.

Some kidz say they have seen mountains far away... but with how dense the forest is, it’s hard to believe.

A couple explorers have dissapeared, but we would rather not talk about that...

We are the kidz of the forest, and the first rule... is we don’t go beyond the forest.

After some time, about 2,000 kidz inhabit the forgotten forest.

Many kidz have found some kind of role in this camps they live in... some gather food, some are explorers, some build, others are inventors, others just help other kids, and some, even wizards of the imagination.

They are still not sure about how they got there, or where they come from... the only thing they all have in common:

They are creative.

After a while... some memories surfaced on some of the kidz... foggy, confusing memories. Feelings, actually, more than memories: infinite boredom, frustration, stress.

Sometimes they come in flashes, sometimes its the only thing new kidz remember.

These feelings are distant, but somehow present... like from another life. But after they appeared, they were completely gone.

Like someone forgot.

Episode 1.
Remember the Kidz of the Forest
2,000 Kidz @ 75ada each.

The first episode is an intro to the Forgotten Realms, made through the discoveries of the children of the forest, the first area to be explored.

This stage will enable us to fund the further development of the Forgotten Realm, and materialize all the ideas, lore, merch and experiences we have planned.

As we sell this drop, here are some of the things you can expect as a kid-holder.

  • Custom Art Pieces Airdrops
  • Fortgotten Chronicles (Short Stories)
  • Custom Merch Drops & Giveaways
  • Unique Rewards by Rarity
  • Charitable Donations to creativity related non-profits
Episode 2.
The Camps Beyond the Forest
~5,000 Kidz @ 100ada each

As we develop the second episode, we will reveal and explore further locations and it's inhabitants outside of the forgotten forest.

The universe will also grow through collaborations with other artists, unique mid-season drops, and more experiences beyond the digital world.

  • Custom Merch & Items
  • Accesories & Kidz Addons
  • Deeper art/graphic-based Storytelling
  • Fortgotten Comic Vol. 1
Episode 3. The Settlements of the Forgotten World
~10,000 Kidz @ 150ada each

For this episode, the forgotten universe will be the base to a wider range experiences, where we will continue exploring not only art, collaborations and deeper world-building, but also digital experiences that enable kid-holders to explore the forgotten world. Here are some of the ideas:

  • Exclusive Physical Collectibles & Art Toys
  • Forgotten Kidz RPG setting (i.e. D&D 5e)
  • Forgotten Kidz Digital Experiences

From El Salvador,
to El Salvador.

Most adults have already lost the connection with their inner-child, but we want to help.

In El Salvador, art and creativity is particularly underdeveloped and undervalued in children, specially in the public education system.

In extreme poverty, these skillsets tend to be relegated and forgotten. But we believe in creativity and art as a force of good, and as a tool to transform the world.

Step by step, we also want to help and change the reality of our country. For every episode completed, we will be sharing part of our profits with non-profit organizations that help children to foster their creativity, so that once they turn to adults, they never lose their connection to their inner-child.