Episode 2
The Camps Beyond of the Forest

Part 2 — Coming Winter 2022
hand drawn
5 Camps
3 Regions
As the children from the first episode explored the forest, they finally found a way out. Once out, they were at last able to explore the different regions of the Fort Gotten world.

For this episode, we will explore 3 Regions beyond the Forest: The Mountains, The Valley and The Ocean.

the Universe

As the children of the forest started broadening their horizons through the visitors and artifacts they found... the question started getting more pressing than ever... what lies beyond the forest?

In this second episode, we will explore the vicinities of the forest, venturing away and learning more about the land and inhabitants of Fort Gotten.

The First Region: The Oceans
As the children left the forest, following the coast, they arrived to the first region we’re exploring in this second episode, where they found Oola, the Camp at the Ocean.
A sunny warm beach, full of plam trees, coconuts... and kidz.
The breeze grazing their faces, the smell of salty water and feeling of sand under their feet overwhelmed their senses... everything was different: the buildings, the clothing, the masks, the accesories, the tattoos on their bodies.
The Second Region: The Mountains
When the kidz found another way out of the forest, they found themselves facing an enourmous mountain range...  As they explored, they learned:
Many settlements and kidz lie within the mountains.
A harsh range of enviorments,
from the dusty foothills to the freezing summit.
As the kidz explored the mountains, they found as many as
3 camps, connected by what seemed to be old roads...

These are the camps they found

As the kidz started going up the mountain, they found an old road, leading to some sort of abandoned factory built by a stream of water...

There, they found a camp, called after the factory: Camp Buruka.

Following the stream to it’s spring, they reached the highest parts of the mountain range, where another settlement was found: Camp Otoco.

There, the snow pours without stopping, with unforgiving cold being the norm.

Finally, on the summit, they were able to see the foothills on the other side of the mountain range... there, another camp lay: Barro, arid, full of rocks and sand.

The Third Region: The Valley
Finally, as they traveled down the mountains, to the side of the forest... they reached the covetous Valley of the Travelers.
A grasy plain full of remnants and ruins...
Located in the center of the land, it is a great place for the few travelers that live within Fort Gotten. When they are not traveling, they stay there, in Central, where they also conduct plenty of business, trading and wearing the things they have found all around the world.

Reconnect with your inner kid

Ep. 02 Part 02 / Coming Q4 2022
Pre Sale Feb 25th
Public Sale Feb 26th

Every kid in Fort Gotten is an inner-kid that lost its connection to its adult counterpart. They have been forgotten, and once that happens, they come to Fort Gotten. All kidz are unique, created from of over 1,500  hand-made assets.

The first episode consisted of 2,000 tokens on Cardano for 75 ADA each (sold out in 1:30h). The second episode consists of 5,000 total tokens, priced at 100 ADA each and coming soon.

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