Episodes & Roadmap

This outlines our view for the episodic drops of Fort Gotten and the idea behind each episode.

In general, this episodic approach allows us to slowly scale into the project, both on our side and on the community’s side, enabling us to build and grow a full-time team and making each delivery, each drop, each release better than the last.

For a full in depth look to our plans for the future and detailed roadmap, please check our whitepaper.

About the Project

For us, this project is much more than just cool art. It’s about community, interactions, co-creation, storytelling and just exploring what’s possible with our comunity.

Aditionally, even though Fort Gotten is mainly an NFT collection, it’s more than a collection of tokens. It’s a universe. A universe where stories wil be told, a universe present in many mediums, a unvierse full of possibilities.

Episode 0. Pre-Sale

Sold Out: Minted on Oct 1st 2021.
200 Kidz @ 75ADA each.

This episode was a celebration of our early community and the things to come, which happened as a private sale exclusive to our first Discord members.

Episode 1. The Kidz of the Forest

Sold Out: Minted on Oct 22nd 2021.
2000 Kidz @ 75ADA each.

Created with around 600 hand drawn assets. This first episode explored the kidz of the forest and enabled us to pursue this project full time, further developing the concept, the universe and the kidz.

Here, we also began exploring different mediums, such as comics, short written stories, and merch.

Custom Art
Pieces Airdrop
Merch Drops
Activities and
Usable NFTs
Fort Gotten
Chronicles (Vol 1)
Team Expansion:
+3 full time members
Episode 2. The Camps Beyond the Forest

Part 2 Coming Soon
5,000 Kidz @ 100ADA each.

This collection will allow us to further develop the universe of Fort Gotten: new locations, lore, art and much more.

Bigger team, bigger universe, bigger community.

Here we will be able to dive deeper into other mediums, exploring merch, collabs and more.

Custom Merch
and Items
Further Art-based
Physical Mediums
Accessories and Kidz Add-ons
Artists and
Projects Collabs
Holders Drops
Episode 3. The Settlements of the World

10,000 Kidz @ 150ADA each.

For this episode, the Fort Gotten Universe will be the base to a wider range experiences, where we will continue exploring not only art, collaborations and deeper world-building, but also digital experiences that enable kid-holders to interact with the Fort Gotten Universe in different ways.

As this stage is the most distant one, it is also the one with most untapped potential, which we will explore as the project progresses. But here are some of the ideas we have.

Physical Collectibles
and Art Toys
Digital Interactive
Fort Gotten Tabletop
RPG Setting
And much more...