The Lab Drop 01 -
Yummi x Fort Gotten

100 tokens / Drop on Jul 01, 2022

Discover the the biggest NFT Collaborative Collection on Cardano

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Yummi, along with 7 other NFT projects, have joined forces with Fort Gotten to create The Biggest NFT Cross-Chain Collaborative Collection on Cardano.
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This Drop Details

Token Price50 ADA or $Yummi Equivalent
Total Supply100 Tokens
Drop Date
July 1, 2022
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About The Lab

The Lab is collaborative NFT collection by Fort Gotten featuring some of our favorite projects from Cardano, Ethereum and Tezos. This collection celebrates the NFT space, the artists, and the communities behind every project.

The Lab is divided in 8 sub-collections, one for each participating project containing 100 tokens each (for a total of 800 tokens).

Every project has created a unique set of assets to showcase their own interpretation of characters in the Fort Gotten Universe.

You can Mint the Lab Using $Yummi

The Lore

The Lab is home to the experiments done by Atom, a mysterious scientist in the world of Fort Gotten.

During a rutinary expedition, some of the most observant fortgotten kidz found a mysterious building near one of the camps...

After a crazy series of events, they managed to uncover the mystery behind this place: a strange laboratory being run by a mad scientist running a set of experiments on The Fireflies... ethereal creatures which he believed to be the origin of the Fort Gotten Kidz.

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Drop Calendar

8 Projects / 8 Weeks / 8 Drops / 100 Tokens Each

Yummi Universe

Dropping July 1st

Masked on Buttons

Dropping July 8th

Happy Hoppers Club

Dropping July 15th

Ether Mobs

Dropping July 22nd

Universe 25

Dropping July 29th

Ada Dolls

Dropping August 5th

Gogo Poren

Dropping August 12th
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This page will be updated weekly to account for every drop.

About Fort Gotten

The land where inner-kidz go once they are forgotten.

Fort Gotten is an NFT project with the goal of creating a space where everyone can reconnect with their inner child again; rediscovering their creative side. The project is centered around creativity, with a special approach to storytelling, community and co-creation.

Our universe allows fantastical stories to unfold, brings lost inner kidz together and allows us to build a place where we can be our unhinged, creative selves again.

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