Welcome to Fort Gotten

A group of children has found themselves forgotten.

Completely lost, deep within mysterious locations with only themselves and a couple tools... they survive.

No kid knows anything, no kid remembers anything. They seem to have just... forgotten.

A Cardano NFT collection about our inner-kidz.

🏕️ Ep 02 Part 2 Minting Soon
Fort Gotten is the land where all our inner-kidz go once they are forgotten.

An NFT project all about the lost sense of creativity, with a special focus on storytelling, community, and co-creation.

A universe where stories unfold, where collaboration happens, and everyone has the space to be creative again.

Episode 2
The Camps Beyond of the Forest
5,000 tokens / Part 2 Minting Soon
hand drawn
5 Camps
3 Regions
As the children from the first episode explored the forest, they finally found a way out. Once out, they were at last able to explore the different regions of the Fort Gotten world.

For this episode, we will explore 3 Regions beyond the Forest: The Mountains, The Valley and The Ocean.
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Episode 1
The Kidz of the Forest
Sold Out
Minted on Cardano on Oct. 22
Deep within a mysterious forest, about 2,000 are lost, living within 3 camps, where they found something they can almost call home.
In these 3 camps, they have managed to thrive in the forest, never going out of it.
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The World of Fort Gotten
A land filled with mistery, widly unexplored.
The more it’s explored, the more questions seem to arise.

No one knows how they got there, or why they are there... kidz just seem to appear out of nowhere.
Somehow though, they survive.

There are no adults. There are no rules.
There are only kidz.
Some gather food, others explore, some build and tinker and some just offer support...

They only thing they know and have in common:
They are creative.

Reconnect with your inner kid

Ep. 02 Part 02 / Coming Q4 2022
Pre Sale Feb 25th
Public Sale Feb 26th

Every kid in Fort Gotten is an inner-kid that lost its connection to its adult counterpart. They have been forgotten, and once that happens, they come to Fort Gotten. All kidz are unique, created from of over 1,500  hand-made assets.

The first episode consisted of 2,000 tokens on Cardano for 75 ADA each (sold out in 1:30h). The second episode consists of 5,000 total tokens, priced at 100 ADA each and coming soon.

🏔️ Ep 02 Details

From El Salvador,
to El Salvador.

Most adults have already lost the connection with their inner-child, but we want to help.

In El Salvador, art and creativity is particularly underdeveloped and undervalued in children, specially in the public education system.

In extreme poverty, these skillsets tend to be relegated and forgotten. But we believe in creativity and art as a force of good, and as a tool to transform the world.

Step by step, we also want to help and change the reality of our country. For every episode completed, we will be sharing part of our profits with non-profit organizations that help children to foster their creativity, so that once they turn to adults, they never lose their connection to their inner-child.