The Future of Fort Gotten

This is a quick overview of the things we want to do with this transmedia universe.

The idea behind this is to be transparent about the things we want to do with the project, to be upfront about the things we are prioritizing, and to gather feedback about it. So please let us know what you think about this and what excites you the most!

If you want more details on our plans, be sure to check out our whitepaper.

Short Term Plans

These consist mostly of things we are already working on. There is no specific timeframe for any item, as we would prefer to work on them as long as we see the need for it instead of pushing a specific deadline.

📒 Lore Codex & Journal
🎨 Other Medium Explorations & Artist Collabs
🤝 Project Collabs
↔️ Automatic Escrow System (Tent)
🖼️ Additional, Smaller Fort Gotten Drops
👕 Merch Design & Drops

Medium Term Plans

These are things we have already somewhat planned out, ideas we are for the most part certain we want to follow through.

Most of them require a more substantial time involvement and still need a lot of specific details to be defined and sorted out, so these will probably be delivered later down the line.

🪙 Smart Contract Marketplace
📲 Interactive Digital Experiences
🔗 Cross-Chain NFTs
🖌️ Interactivity in NFTs

Long Term Plans

Finally, these long-term items, more than long-term, are sort of a wishlist. A list of ideas we had and have talked about as a team, but there is no actual concrete plan to execute them in any way.

🌐 Metaverse Explorations
💧 Fort Gotten Stakepool
🧙 Fort Gotten Council & DAO