The Fort Gotten Universe

Get a sense of the Universe of Fort Gotten, a brief overview of the World, The Regions, The Camps and the Kidz.

The World

Fort Gotten is a world of forgotten inner children, a land full of mystery and wildly unexplored. A world where kidz are the only inhabitants, so no rules, no adults... only kidz and their unique sense of wonder.

As the kidz explore the land, they have found vestiges of ancient civilizations: ruins of what seem to be cities overtaken by nature, full of partially crumbled buildings, abandoned factories, trashed cars, and more.

In this universe, somehow, the kidz survive.... and surviving, they thrive. They thrive by being creative and having complete freedom to be themselves, to explore, and to express their creativity. They do that not only by scribbling, painting or pasting stickers over everything, but also by building trinkets which help them survive.

The Regions

Within the whole Fort Gotten Universe, there lie many regions. The Forest, for example, was the one we explored in the First Episode. We’ve learned that many regions exist outside the forest... mountains, lakes, rivers, deserts, icy planes, just like our regular world biomes.

Each region offers distinct characteristics, and if kidz inhabit it, their looks will be according to that region, vastly different from the others, adapted to their specific environments.

These regions for the most parts live on their own, with not much communication between them aside from the stray traveler and some scout parties here and there. Mostly, the child-like instincts still governing the kidz lead them to not wander too far off on their own.

The Camps

Throughout the inhabited regions of Fort Gotten, the kidz who arrived began bundling up, forming some sort of settlements.

Not even towns, they were just a collection of the kidz improvising somewhere to live. Formed mostly by tents, these settlements, which don’t even seem to be permanent, are known as Camps.

In the Forest, for example, there are 3 camps: Jesterday, Enola and R.I.P.I.O. In the further regions... who knows, maybe there are more camps, maybe there is just one central camp, maybe we’ll find out soon.

The Kidz

The Forgotten Children are our interpretation of our inner kids, the personification of our creativity, child-like wonder, and curiosity. Once an adult loses their connection to this inner kid, it ends up in Fort Gotten. They don’t know anything about their adult counterparts, they actually don’t know anything once they arrive in Fort Gotten, they just forgot.

Once in Fort Gotten, they get freed of all restrains they could've had on the “real world”. There are no adults enforcing rules, telling them how to dress or how they should look, there are only other kidz... so they can finally fully be what they truly are: creative.

The Roles

Every kid comes to Fort Gotten on their own, with nothing more than a couple of tools and their ingenuity. As more kidz came to Fort Gotten though, they started bundling up, so most live in some sort of group. Living in these groups, they started to find ways to help, eventually evolving into 4 main roles:

- The Scouts: In charge of exploration and order, the kidz say.
- The Foragers: In charge of food recollection.
- The Tinkerers: In charge of building, research and development.
- The Clerics: In charge of helping the other kidz feel better.