Rediscover your Creative Side

A Cardano NFT Project about reconnecting with our inner kidz

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Fort Gotten is the land where all our inner-kidz go once they are forgotten.

An NFT project all about the lost sense of creativity, with a special focus on storytelling, community, and co-creation.

A universe where stories unfold, where collaboration happens, and everyone has the space to be creative again.

The Fort Gotten Metaverse

Fostering a Creative Community to Co-Create the Fort Gotten World while enjoying art, puzzles, activities, roleplay and more.

Dynamic NFTs

Customize your inner kid!

Discover your region, camp and role within the Fort Gotten Universe while trading, selling or buying unique assets for your inner kidz with fully customizable NFTs.

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The Fort Gotten Currency

As the kid-society grew, Bottelcapz were established as a decentralized token driving the Fort Gotten ecosystem economy.

Monthly Rewards

Holder Care Package

Get custom rewards every month either for holding our NFTs or by participating in the different activities.

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Creating for the Future

Not only are we creating our own living and breathing universe and ecosystem, but also 3D ready assets and avatars compatible with metaverse projects.

Activities & Puzzles

Get Creative!

From roleplay, to puzzles to minigames, enjoy a variety of activities to share with the Fort Gotten Community.

Art & Lore Focus

Extended Creative Universe

Discover the world and it’s stories through art & content explorations both by consuming and creating. Comics, Stories, Games, Merch and much more.

Project Stats
Kidz Minted: +3,000
Wallet Holders: +600
Volume: +500k ADA

The Lab

The Biggest Collab on Cardano

3 Blockchains / 8 Projects / 800 Tokens

The Lab is collaborative NFT collection by Fort Gotten featuring some of our favorite projects from Cardano, Ethereum and Tezos. This collection celebrates the NFT space, the artists, and the communities behind every project.

Every participating project has created unique assets to create an original interpretation of their projects in the Fort Gotten World. The complete collection is divided in 8 sub-collection, one for each project, containing 100 tokens each.

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Episode 02:
The Camps Beyond the Forest

Discover new regions, camps and unique looking kidz as the kidz of the forest explore the world beyond their forest
hand drawn
5 Camps
3 Regions
Coming Back Soon
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The Campfire

Access the Kidz Holder’s Hub for special tools & benefits

🎭  Customize your Kid NFTs (on-chain)
🎁  Receive Monthly Rewards
💸️  Sell, Buy or Trade Kid Compatible Assets
👥  Visualize & Build 4-Kid Squads
📸  Create Custom Profile Pics & Memories
📅  Activity Calendar
✨  And much more!

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Explore the Universe

A Lore-Rich Multimedia Universe Awaiting for your Discovery

Uncover a land wildly unexplored and filled with mystery, stories and legends.

No adults. No rules. Only kidz.

Join us and help us co-create the next chapters and stories in the Fort Gotten world. Enjoy a setting where stories unravel and creativity flows!

Trading Tent

Built by the Fort Gotten Team

Live trade any Cardano Native Asset (Tokens, NFTs and ADA) directly between 2 wallets instantly, in a secure environment and in a single transaction.

Also, Fort Gotten Kid holders get a 50% discount on all trading fees automatically.

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A Loveletter to El Salvador

Most adults have already lost the connection with their inner-child, but we want to help.

In El Salvador, art and creativity is particularly underdeveloped and undervalued in children, specially in the public education system.

In extreme poverty, these skillsets tend to be relegated and forgotten. But we believe in creativity and art as a force of good, and as a tool to transform the world.

Step by step, we also want to help and change the reality of our country. For every episode completed, we will be using a share of our profits to help children foster and develop their creativity.